Georgia on my Mind

Here goes nothing.


Last night I pulled the trigger and bought my flight for the first edition of 30 Days with Dave. I felt nervous, like I wasn’t quite ready to launch this project. But, as soon as I clicked purchase the pendulum swung from feeling doubts to flying dreams.  Immediately I began clapping and shaking my head as I could not withhold the kid on Christmas feelings of excitement and joy. It was a “screaming into the infinite abyss” moment, where the glass case surrounding the idea of living shattered violently exposing the reality that this is your life, your adventure, your choice. We are free.


So the time and place are set, what comes next? I’ve decided to take a blind date approach to this adventure. I haven’t done any research, planning or investigation when it comes to where I’m going. I know next to nothing about this place and the idea is to go in without any expectations or understanding and let the experience take form in real time. I’m not even booking a place for the first night. I want it to be as if I was shot from a rocket of randomness into a reality I know nothing of. Because that’s basically what is actually happening, just substituting a rocket with a plane.


I hope everyone is as excited as I am. And if you’re not yet, I hope to earn your endearment. My heartfelt desire is to inspire bewondered wandering. This project is not about me. It’s about opening a window to the world in the hopes that we will all feel a little bit closer as a result. I have a basic idea of the content I’d like to capture, but I’m also doing my best to be unafraid of being creative. To try things and see what works. To tell stories and listen and tell stories again.


I will be taking off Thursday, October 6th. Follow along, spread the word and I will see you in Georgia (the country) soon!