Calling an Audible

Calling an Audible

I’m a walking contradiction. I walk with weightless motion while my heavy mind harps on the endless possibilities. I’m one of the more laid back anxious individuals you might ever come across. Airy sensibilities of c’est la vie blended with a deeply serious desire to carpe diem. Watching the days fall off the calendar, feeling every tick of the clock and wanting to make them count. In this case, I wanted to suck the most that I could out of the 30 days that I am in Georgia.

But, this leads me to the question of what exactly it means to suck the most out of my time here? Initially, it meant to see as much of the country that I could and meet as many people in order to really understand the place that I’m in. I took trains, rode public buses and hitched my way around the country as much as I could for the better part of my first 30 days. Then it hit me. I was seeing a lot of beautiful places and people. But, I wasn’t really getting to know them. So I decided to call an audible.

My audible redirected me back to the capital city of Tbilisi. The majority of the people that I had met were here in the city and I felt like the best way to spend my remaining time here in Georgia would be to soak up the atmosphere surrounding me and spend time with the people that I’d already met. To actually recognize the face of my fruit vendor and have them knowingly smile back. A sense of community, if only temporary, is still a sense of community. There’s a beauty in knowing my way around and understanding my winding way through side streets to get to my favorite café. Even having a favorite café. Because after all, I didn’t come here to be a tourist, but a temporary fixture in the framework of whatever community I found myself within.

As I inch toward the end of my time here, I’ve decided that this was the best decision that I could have made. It’s allowed for a deeper understanding of Georgian culture to seep in. It’s enabled the ability to engage in late night conversations in comfortable, distinctly Georgian, café’s and bars. And even when I’m alone, the city speaks its subtle secrets spanning centuries. It’s an often-incomprehensible melody for me, but it’s unnecessary to understand the lyrics to appreciate the beauty of the song, to feel the emotion and measure the meaning. There’s an underlying importance to the ability to be, to be a part of something. To be still and listen to the beatings of the backdrop, our collective hearts drumming together creating a choral community. And to the unaware, it’s not easy to hear. But, if you stop and sense it, you begin to understand that you are a part of it. We all are. And when you feel it your heart bursts as the beat builds and your feet start moving, feeling the reverberations of what it means to be truly alive.

You are a composer and conductor of this collective, collaborative chorus of coexistence.

You are always able to call an audible.