Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces depend on the places. It is any place where people from that culture can cumulatively come together and call it their own. Cathedrals, Thermal Pools, Stadiums or Family Dens, these places could be anything and everything depending on the particular culture. This is where we come together and explore these Sacred Spaces.  


I saw mountainscapes, Now I'm a believer

If you love the outdoors then you’d be remiss not to add Georgia to your list of breathtaking places to visit. If you don’t love the outdoors, go to Georgia and you will become someone who does. In short, pack your bags and head to this tiny piece of paradise. You may never want to leave. 


7 Reasons you'll be itching to visit georgia

I can’t tell you the precise origin of my curiosity, but like a legend it grew over time. I spent 30 days wandering Georgia with wide eyes and it responded by carving it’s name indelibly on this rootless tree. Now I’m here to toss the sawdust it left in it’s wake until you itch and have to scratch it. And you’ll thank me, because we all know it feels oh so good to scratch an itch.  


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