Breaking Bread

Breaking bread is what happens when we come together to share food, drink, company and conversation. It's an opportunity to experience unique local offerings over conversation with locals. It's the perfect opportunity for sharing, listening and coming together. No matter where we are, let's break bread. 


Gaumarjos Georgia

The Gaumarjos (Georgian Toast) is one of my favorite Georgian customs because it is so affirmative in its nature. Affirmation is one of the most powerful tools we have in our human arsenal and I deeply believe that when we give thanks and acknowledgement for something or someone it elevates us all to a higher state of being. Therefore, I would like to honor Georgia with ten toasts of appreciation. Gaumarjos to Georgia!


10 Foods you must try in Georgia

My favorite part of any journey abroad is trying the different types of food. This experience becomes that much better when the food is amazing. And cue Georgia. This country takes simple ingredients and turns them into some of the tastiest dishes you could ask for. I tried them all and here are my top 10 must try foods in Georgia. 


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