So, what is 30 days with Dave

A lot of people have been asking me what this whole “30 Days with Dave” thing is. Well, I’ve been toying with the idea of making travel a professional pursuit for quite some time now. I’m not naïve; I understand that I’m not the only person under the sun that loves to travel and would love to do it for a living. I get that. Everyone would love to travel for a living, but most people don’t. But, why don’t they? I think the answer is usually that people don’t think they realistically can so they don’t even try.

But, I think I can and I’m going to try. 

Take sports for example. I love the NBA and I would love to play professional basketball for a living. But, I can’t. However, my inability to play professional basketball doesn’t diminish my interest in following the league. In fact, it probably increases the amount of time that I spend watching games, reading trade rumors online and listening to podcasts talking about league related things as trivial as LeBron James’ hairline. That is to say, I am a voracious consumer of anything related to the league I love. Just the same way that not everyone is able to travel for a living, they still love to follow those who do. I know that when I’m not personally traveling, I take every chance I get to live vicariously through the likes of people like Anthony Bourdain as he eats and drinks his way around the world. I have decided that I am going to put my full effort into being one of the people who takes the leap outside my comfort zones abroad and encapsulates cultural content for people to follow, consume and enjoy.

I’m a huge fan of Alan Watts, who is a huge fan of people following their passions and living the lives they’ve always dreamed of. He says that people should do what they love so much and so often that they eventually become an expert at it. And once you’re an expert at something, people will pay you to do it. I’ve dedicated so much time, thought and energy to travel, listening to peoples stories’ and exploring cultures over the past 10 years of my life that I can confidently say that I believe I am an expert at travel, a modern day explorer of sorts. This gives me the confidence and gumption to go forward with the next phase of my life creating travel related content. I’ve begun developing the framework for a concept that I’m tentatively calling “30 Days with Dave.”

So, what is 30 Days with Dave? It’s your window to the world, 30 days at a time. I’m inviting you to experience and connect with the culture of any given place 30 days at a time using a combination of words, pictures, interviews and videos. After each 30 days, I want you to feel like you know the places that I’ve been just as intimately as I do.  Hopefully it will inspire you to travel, but at the very least I hope to leave you feeling like you’ve vicariously experienced that little corner of the world. Why? Because I love the feeling of arriving at new airports. The not so subtle reminder that you in fact, haven't seen it all. It’s the feeling of arriving somewhere new and not being able to look down because all you can do is survey this unknown landscape that lies before you. The immediate realization of things that sound, smell and just flat out seem so different. It’s an awakening sensation that no amount of coffee could deliver. I’ve never shot heroin, but I can imagine what it’s like to be a junkie because as soon as I took my first travel hit I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since. I obsessively explore the countries I visit with the insatiable desire to unearth everything there is to discover about that place. I love to eat the local food, while listening to locals explain their culture and customs over a glass of their finest beverage. I want you to feel like you’re sitting right there with me. To go with me down every winding road and cross every corner in order to leave no stone unturned in a pursuit to understand the place we’re in, as if we’ll never again get a chance to return. Which in many ways is true. Just as no man steps in the same river twice, these places we visit are ever evolving and will never be the same as that moment we experience them.

Essentially I’m going to create a cultural capsule that captures that very moment in time. I’m still on the course of crystalizing the complete vision and I understand that this will be a process but, it’s an exciting process! The plan is to keep people like you involved with the gestational stages of this project in order to deliver the most interesting expedition we can. The best part? When the planning is done you’re invited to come along and experience the journey just as I am, 30 days at a time.